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Laurel College FAQ

You already have! If you have worked full time for a minimum of two years in your chosen field, but do not hold a postsecondary (college or university) degree, you are eligible for a certified degree causa honora from Laurel College. Your classroom is your workplace; instead of spending time learning theory from a book, you have received an actual hands-on education by doing the work. We consider this to be even more valuable than "book learning" -- and so do employers that value your experience on the job!
We primarily use openly-verifiable sources to confirm your work experience -- for example, your LinkedIn profile, which shows your employers throughout your career. Upon receiving your application for a degree, our staff will review your work profile to make sure you meet the established criteria. If we require additional information, we will contact your employer(s) for confirmation.
We do not maintain or issue transcripts. We will, however, confirm and verify your degree status to your employer (or potential employer) upon request.
Current or potential employers may contact us at any time to verify your degree.