Experience. In Degrees.

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“Experientia docet.”

[ Experience is the best teacher. ]

— Latin proverb

Laurel College is a school unlike any other you’ve ever seen — in fact, there’s nothing to see here at all. There are no lecture halls, no libraries, no football fields and no student union.

Library Books (Clay Banks Photo)And that’s what makes us different. We’re a private-label institution of higher learning, which means that we partner with businesses large and small — from massive Fortune 500 corporations to the smallest two-person startups — to acknowledge the educational achievements you’ve made beyond the classroom.

According to a recent Lumina Foundation report, nearly 40% of working Americans have a college degree. With more than 120-million Americans currently employed fulltime, that means there are 72-million workers that either did not attend college or university, or didn’t graduate.

These workers, who make up the vast majority of our workforce and are in many ways the backbone of our economy, may not have had the opportunity for higher education. They may not have had sufficient grades or financial resources, or circumstances may have forced them to choose finding a job over earning a college degree.

In the latter example, once you’ve found a job and begun raising a family, time becomes a greater factor and it is almost impossible to go back to school.

Instead, you receive your education at work — on the job training in the real-life “College of Hard Knocks.” And while you may get a lot of theory and “book learning” from school, nothing replaces the practical, hands-on instruction you gain by actually doing the work, day after day.

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